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be the perfect boyfriend

× be the perfect boyfriend by shoresh for group model مودل visit : گروپ مودل ever wondered why some guys know to treat their woman the right way....well, the following tips will surely make you the perfect boyfriend. there is a little dreamer hiding in every one of us! yes, some might deny this fact but we do dream of having the perfect boyfriend. the one that would make us feel so special that we would dearly indulge in his love and affection. but here are some tips for guys to become the perfect boyfriend. give her butterflies in the beginning - try rushing from her back and give her small and frequent kisses on her neck, or keep holding her until she finishes cutting the vegetables. if you wish to keep her happy, adore her and give her small remembrance moments that would remind her of you even when youre not around. make her laugh - women love to laugh a lot. the best way to keep her happy is make her laugh a lot. she will enjoy every moment with you. show her affection in tender ways - women love to feel pampered. we are aware of your tricks when you try giving us a backrub and slowly sneak your hands somewhere else. try giving your woman a plain backrub instead or a warm oil massage. she will adore you. go out with her friends and play the role of token adorable guy - the key to become a perfect boyfriend is to be a perfect man in public life too. if in case you are hanging out with your girlfriends friends, try to show some affection with a peck on her cheek or holding her hand or letting her lean on your shoulder. she will love it. agree to share when you order food - guys might think that women are total clean freaks, well you are wrong again. women love to share food that men eat and vice versa. from now onwards, let your french fries fill her up too. give her cards with stuff written in them - women love cards when you write something in personal handwriting. may it be a small poem or just a missing you note? she will fall for you. make her trust you completely - the best way to move about in a relationship is to analyze the woman you date and tell her your secrets. she will surely understand and trust you as you might disclose some of the most embarrassing moment

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1. اعتقاد (Belief) اهالی روستایی تصمیم گرفتند که برای نزول باران دعا کنند. روزی که تمام اهالی برای دعا در محل مقرر جمع شدند، فقط یک پسربچه با چتر آمده بود، این یعنی اعتقاد. 2. اعتماد (Trust) اعتماد را می توان به احساس یک کودک یکساله تشبیه کرد، وقتی که شما آنرا به بالا پرتاب می کنید، او شادمانه میخندد ... چراکه یقین دارد که شما او را خواهید گرفت، این یعنی اعتماد. 3. امید (Hope) هر شب ما به رختخواب می رویم بدون اطمینان از اینکه روز بعد زنده از خواب بیدار شویم. ولی شما همیشه برای روز بعد خود برنامه دارید، این یعنی امید. چه خوب است که با اعتقاد، اعتماد و امید زندگی کنیم ...
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